Continuing to Talk Through the Ages


Continuing to Talk Through the Ages

October 28, 2021
The shadowed outline of 2 women's faces and the words, "Let's Talk: Conversations Through the Ages"

Throughout the month, we’ve celebrated the special relationship we have with the friends and family we love, and especially the young people in our lives. We encouraged everyone to seek out and engage in conversations about sex, love, relationships, and beyond. 

Over the course of October, we talked about…

Although October and Let’s Talk Month are ending, don’t stop having powerful conversations with those around you. As young people grow and mature their need to talk to a trusted champion will never go away. And eventually we all go from being a young person to a potential champion to young people! So, continue to talk it out among those you care about and don’t forget to use our resources if you get stuck. 

P.S. Join us on November 17 for Thanks, Birth Control Day—a full day dedicated to telling the world about what birth control makes possible for us.